"During the short time that i have known Craig Ellison my game has risen many levels. Craig is one of the best goalkeeper coches you can get and it shows in lessons with his enthusiasim and communication with not just me but all of the people that i have seen him coach. My confidence during matches has improved and the technical side is also getting much better. Craig is a great coach and i advise him to anyone keeper who wants to progress"   Oliver Chesses, Age 14
"Craig Ellison has taught me a lot this year with sessions concentrating on technique and in-game scenarios which
have improved every aspect of my game"
Tom Kay, Age 17

"Reflex has helped me immensely this year, brought my game on so much and made me an all - round better keeper" 
Jack Davies, Age 15

"My son Daniel is an 8 year old budding goalkeeper, he has been having 1 on 1 sessions with Craig for a few weeks now and already there has been a dramatic improvement in his technical ability. More importantly there has been a real difference in his confidence. Daniel can't wait for his session everyweek and in his words - Craig is the best coach in the world!"  Angela McDonald (Mother of Daniel McDonald Age 8)

"Matt has fun at training sessions with Craig, he is learning quickly and enjoys his football more and more. Matt's technique and confidence are improving all the time with Craig and this shows in his team matches at the weekend. We have found that we (and Matt!) can put forward opinions and ideas about areas of improvement in training and that Craig takes them on board and can organise training sessions around these ideas. Deciding to take Matt from his old goalkeeper training to Craig has been an extremely positive move.
Cath & Martyn (Matt's parents)

"With Craig I have improved on collapse diving; handling and foot work. I enjoyed Craig's goalkeeping course and made new friends. Craig is fun; helpful; a good goalkeeper coach and a good friend."   Mathew Critchley, Age 8

"I have had lots of fun. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot. The coaches were great, really supportive. My favourite experience was the pro visit from Owain Fon Williams"   Ethan Evans, aged 11 (reflecting on the Reflex Week)

"I have had so much fun and i have learnt how to do a collapse dive and different handling techniques. My coaches were very nice and friendly and my favourite experience has been learning how to do full dives."  Oscar Gill aged 9 (Reflecting on the Reflex Week)

"I loved especially doing dives. My best part of the course was when Owain Williams came." 
Isaac Alexandra Creevy, aged 8 (Reflecting on the Reflex Week)

"I have had lots of fun.I have learnt a lot more on cross steps, footwork and the step. The coaches are all good coaches. Craig, I do 1 to 1's with anyway so i know he's good. My favourite experience was meeting the pro, he gave us some good tips aswell. I do 1 to 1's with Craig every week. I really enjoy it and it has improved me ALOT!"  Rhys Williams, aged 12 (Reflecting on the Reflex Week)

"I have had lots of fun. i have laernt how to get up to top corner saves. My favourite experience was meeting the Stockport county number 1 goalkeeper. One to ones with Craig are amazing. He has turned me into a good goalkeeper from a rubbish goalkeeper, and i have learnt a lot."  James Mazarelo, aged 9 (Reflecting on the Reflex Week)

"My Favourite experience was diving because I like diving. I had lots of fun and made some new friends." 
Oliver Mazarelo, aged 7 (Reflecting on the Reflex Week)

"I have had fun. i have learnt a lot. My favourite experience was when i had to do a full dive. The coaches are very supportive."
Cameron erry, aged 10 (Reflecting on the Reflex Week)

"On the course i have learnt how to attack [the ball], do kicks and throwing and lots of different ways of catching. I enjoyed mostly everything including the games. I also do 1 to 1's and have learnt lots of different methods of catching and how to get set."
Jamie Munn, aged 9 (Reflecting on the Reflex Week)


"Not enough can be said to summarize my whole experience so far at Reflex GK, what   Craig teaches you is  that the physical attributes like agility, power, explosiveness, strength, reflexes and flexibility which I have developed significantly throughout my time with Reflex, are never enough to be a reliable keeper. Craig teaches the psychological aspects of the game which help you overcome  any mental obstacle, as well as providing you with the mental edge over your opponent."   Omar Badran, Age 20
"Craig Ellison is a natural coach and has helped me hugely without a doubt! You not only learn about
all the aspects of goalkeeping but you enjoy the sessions as well" 
Peter Gartside, Age 15