Reflex Goalkeeper Development Schools is all about providing goalkeepers with a spring board which they are able to utilise to go on and achieve their dreams. With a host of highly talented goalkeepers within our stables, our aim is to direct each and every one of them towards their ultimate goals and ambitions. Below are a number of success stories about our goalkeepers who have begun to do exactly that!
Michael Statham

After being recommended to Reflex by Manchester City's Academy, Micheal proceeded to train with Reflex for 4 months, before attending the Pass2Pro trials day in May 2013. Michael's sterling performances and professional attitude attracted the interest of a host of clubs, and he was consequently invited to 2 Premier League and 2 Championship outfits. Michael is yet to make a decision on his future as the 4 clubs continue to battle it out for his signature. Regardless of where he decides, Michael looks to have a very bright future as he continues to progress with Reflex and consistently display his undoubted ability and potential.
David Fletcher (age 12)

Determined, passionate and highly able, David is a goalkeeper with fantastic technique and considerable all round ability. David spent most of last season playing 2 years above his age group, and comfortably at that. Possessing great shape, quick feet and solid handling ability, David is a capable goalkeeper in all aspects of the position. A member of the Reflex family for a year now, David has shown incredible progress in attitude and ability during this period. This progress and desire to learn have been rewarded with an invitation to Bolton Wanderers FC.
Jake Birchall (age 11)

Quickly progressing in technical ability and cognition, Jake is a goalkeeper showing continuing development and potential. Fast and explosive, Jake possesses excellent natural goalkeeping attributes, which complement his shot stopping and 1 V 1 capabilities. Confident with both his feet and hands, with a model attitude towards his goalkeeping, Jake's growing potential has been spotted by Accrington Stanley, who have invited him into their Centre of Excellence.
Omar Badran (age 20)

A goalkeeper of complete and utter dedication, Omar is a highly explosive keeper with unsurpassed handling ability. A commanding and powerful figure with a true passion for the position, Omar is a goalkeeper with a highly promising future. Of Lebanese origin, Omar moved to the UK to pursue his footballing dream. A goalkeeper with undeniable natural ability, Omar's commitment, determination and will to achieve his goal have seen this once rough diamond begin to shine. After spells with a number of non league clubs in the UK, Omar has been invited to newly promoted Italian Club, Atlanta FC, who will play in Serie A, the top tier of Italian football next season.
James Mazarelo (age 10)

A hugely talented goalkeeper with unsurpassed agility, fantastic handling and a superb attitude, James has been working with coach Craig Ellison for 3 years now, and has been at Reflex since it began back in December 2009. A goalkeeper in very high demand, James has recently accepted an invitation for a trial from the club he supports, Manchester City, after being spotted by one of their scouts.
Cameron Terry (age 11)

Cameron, another fantastic prospect, who has excellent handling, lightening quick reactions and possesses the ability to "fly" towards top corners, has been with Reflex for nearly a year now, and has been invited to and is currently trialling with Everton FC. Cameron is also being tracked by several other top flight clubs, and it appears that all his hard work over the past year has really got people taking notice!
Rhys Williams (age 13)

After starting his career at Bolton, Rhys moved to Bury FC at the start of the 10/11 season. A dedicated goalkeeper with brilliant agility, lightening feet and one of the safest pairs of hands known to man, Rhys' ability to make every save look easy stands him apart from many his age. Rhys has been working with Reflex for about a year, and has recently been offered an extension to his contract at Bury due to his fantastic ability, brilliant attitude and a string of show stopping performances for Bury, even whilst playing a year above himself!
Jake Nicholl

A Goalkeeper possessing an extraordinary abundance of natural talent, Jake's relatively short goalkeeping career is already showing exceptional promise. Part of the Reflex family just shy of a year now, from day one, Jake's ability was clear to see. Lightening reaction speed, jaw dropping agility and a pair of hands that don't understand the word "drop", have formed the base for his progress, which has been both consistent and outstanding. His focus, hard work and determination, combined with his ever increasing skill level and maturity, has alerted a clutch of professional clubs, and Jake has accepted an invitation to Burnley FC.
Oliver Mazarelo (age 8)

The younger brother of James, "Ols" displays a degree of talent equal to that of his older sibling. A goalkeeper of unerring composure, great athleticism and the ability to perform the most complex of skills with consummate ease, Ollie's goalkeeping ability far defies his years. A Reflex Goalkeeper for 18 months, Oliver's natural ability, attitude and desire to learn have seen him progress rapidly. Having already being spotted by Burnley FC, Ollie has now also been invited to Bury FC, after showcasing his skills at a recent Reflex Week.
Ellie Foxford (age 14)

Only one word can be used to describe Ellie's goalkeeping ability... Natural! A goalkeeper who's speed and quality of development knows no bounds, Ellie's growth and maturity as a goalkeeper have seen her assume technical and mental attributes that portray nothing but elite potential. Hence, in the summer of 2012, both Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers Ladies came calling, the latter of who did enough to persuade Ellie that her footballing future lay with them. At just age 14, Ellie's technical repertoire belies her years, as does her mental strength and ability to cope under pressure. Blackburn Rovers LFC have no doubt acquired a goalkeeper with an enormous future!
George Carter (age 7)

Goalkeeping for less than 6 months, and at such a young age, George's progress has been nothing short of unbelievable. Passionate, energetic and fearless, George's natural characteristics reinforce his ability to listen, learn and acquire. As a result, at just age 7, and with only a few months of learning under his goalkeeping belt, George's technical ability and cognitive understanding are simply outstanding. Possessing a fantastic pair of both hands and feet, show stopping agility and unerring bravery, it was only a matter of time before a crop of the north west's finest clubs came calling. One such club was Manchester City, who have moved first to invite George into their coveted academy set up.
Owen Kelly (age 6)

A goalkeeper through and through, Owen never fails to make those around him smile, be it with his goalkeeping ability, or his outgoing nature. From his first day at Reflex, at just age 5, Owen's innate ability and subsequent potential were clear, as were his passion for the position. Fast, Brave and never one to shy away from a challange, Owen's natural attributes, when combined with his ability to attain and execute even the most complex of technical skills, have seen him develop and mature with great speed. Unsurprisingly, Owen's ability was soon noticed, and he has been invited in to Burnley FC.
Lewis Moston (age 15)

A huge congratulations to Lewis, who was one of the outstanding performers at our SHOWCASE event in the summer of 2012. A former Everton Academy goalkeeper, Lewis' evident talent and natural goalkeeping ability, coupled with his technical efficiency and model attitude sparked immediate interest from a several scouts representing Premier League and Championship football clubs. Amongst all the interest, it was Burnley FC who moved quickest to invite Lewis into their Academy. As if that wasn't enough, Lewis has now also joined the Reflex Goalkeeper Development Schools 1 to 1 programme, as he continues to look to develop his skills on his ever aspiring journey to the top!
Oliver Humphreys (age 12)

A technically gifted goalkeeper who performs with a level of maturity far beyond his years, Oliver is a goalkeeper with huge potential. Exceptional handling ability and fantastic technical capability form the base of Oliver's custodial skills. Add to this his solid mentality and continuous desire to learn, and it isn't difficult to see why Oliver has been offered another year with Oldham Athletic FC. As one of the relatively newer members of the Reflex family, Ollie's level of technical and cognitive progression since joining RGDS has been exceptional!
Finlay Brogan (age 7)

Quite simply, Finlay eats, sleeps and breathes goalkeeping! An avid Oldham Athletic fan, "Finners joined Reflex shortly after his 6th birthday, and his innate ability was instantly recognisable. Quick, agile and brave beyond his years, Finlay's passion, maturity and desire to be the best have seen him quickly develop into a goalkeeper of some stature. Boasting, composed, clean hands, unerring focus and the ability to take flight at will, Finlay's physical attributes complement his mental toughness, vocal presence and complete self efficacy perfectly. Destined for a huge future, it is little surprise that Finlay has attracted the attention of a number of clubs across the north west, with Manchester City moving first to invite him into their prestigious academy.
Joshua Schofield (age 10)

A shining young talent with everything it takes to become the complete goalkeeper, Josh continues to progress towards his potential with every session. Strong and brave, with astute technical proficiency, Josh has the ability to perform breath taking saves. Consistently. Possessing a real passion and understanding of the position, Josh's increasing maturity, continued development and sustained focus have seen him begin to grow into a hugely promising goalkeeper, possessing the complete arsenal of attributes required to become a custodian of the highest proficiency. Unsurprisingly, Josh's talent hasn't gone unnoticed, and Rochdale FC have moved to invite him into their academy.
Mckenzie (age 9)

As proficient with his feet,as he is with his hands, the art of football just seems to come naturally to Mckenzie; however, Mckenzie's allegiances only lie in one position.... After joining Reflex in late 2012 to develop his skills, Mckenzie immediately got his head down and quietly began working away, refining his techniques and tactical competency. Forward to early 2014, and the product of Mckenzie's hard work suddenly isn't so quiet. In fact, it speaks volumes! A brilliant young goalkeeper with an assured pair of hands, outstanding technical execution and a model attitude, Mckenzie compliments his solid goalkeeping attributes with distribution of playmaking quality. justifiably then, Mckenzie's hard work has lead to an invitation from Derby County's Academy.
Salma (age 8)

Natural. When it comes to goalkeeping, there isn't a more fitting adjective to describe Salma. Starting at Reflex with little goalkeeping experience or training, Salma wowed the coaches with the speed and quality of her progress. Coming from an athletic background, Salma has clearly inherited her family traits, showing speed, dexterity, composure and a real ability to make even the most intricate of skills appear a doddle. Her continued development inevitably began to turn heads, and consequently, after a short trial, Salma signed for Manchester City Ladies.
Alex Davies (age 16)

Alex has joined the ranks of Great British gold medal winners, picking up the top trump for the GB U16 Football Team at last summer's Maccabiah Games. Dubbed the "Jewish Olympics", the Games, which took place in Israel, are one of the largest sporting events in the world.  As Goalkeeper, Alex had no mean feat on his hands, defending the GB goal against the national Israeli side in a tense Final, which concluded with victory for Great Britain after a penalty shoot-out. Alex said: "Being at the Games was very exciting, although at the time I was so nervous that I didn't really appreciate how brilliant it was! "I had to go through two tough trials to get onto the national side and it was all taken very seriously.  There was a curfew every night at the event and we had to do some intense training." Congratulations from everybody at Reflex Alex!
Sebastian Zajac (age 7)

A born goalkeeper, with a natural affinity for the position, Seb started at Reflex aged 6. Agile, explosive and brave, Sebastian's innate ability has provided him with the base to quickly develop into a fantastic young goalkeeper. Always keen to develop his skills, he shows a maturity towards his learning that defy his young age. Possession of such talent and maturity meant that it was only a matter of time before Sebastian's ability was noticed, and sure enough both Stoke City and Aston Villa came calling. Seb opted for Stoke where he is currently continuing his development.
Felix Zambelli (age 14)

By far and away the fastest developing goalkeeper within our stables, Felix has quickly become one of our most promising talents. Never one to rest on his laurels, Felix has a constant desire to improve and achieve. His model attitude, coupled with great speed, technical capability and cognitive competency, has rapidly propelled Felix through his stages of development. Highly regarded by both coaching staff and his peers, Felix's determination has deservedly seen him invited to Rochdale's academy.
Chloe Ainsworth (age 18)

A product of Manchester United Ladies, Chloe left United after completing their youth programme, in search of a new goal. Possessing clear quality, reflective of her previous club, Chloe used her time at Reflex to refine her techniques and begin to become the finished article, showing huge amounts of promise. Athletic and technically skilled, she displays composure and understanding throughout. Opting to pursue her goals abroad, we recommended Chloe to Quest University in Canada, where she has received a full 4 year Scholarship.    
Dominic Skinkis-Loftus (age 14)

Clean, assured and technically astute, Dom's rise has been both fluent and deserved. Dom arrived at Reflex with all the attributes to go on to become a fantastic goalkeeper, potential which he is currently well on his way to fulfilling. Deceptively quick and possessing an unerring set of hands, Dom has the ability to make the difficult appear easy. Focused, passionate and always smiling, his hard work and desire to achieve his life goal has seen Dom quickly become a very competent custodian indeed. Concurrently, Dom has been invited into Burnley FC as he continues to develop his already brilliant ability.
Joel Thompson (age 18)

When it comes to goalkeeping, most have their forte, their strong suit, their specialty. Very few goalkeepers have the aptitude to show total competency in all aspects of the position. Joel is one of those very few! Frighteningly quick, possessing an explosive capacity to rival something more suited to modern warfare, Joel has it all; clean hands, nimble feet, speed, agility, balance, composure, accurate and varied distribution and a mentality to compliment his physicality . In fact over the past 4 years I don't think any question has been asked more than, "why hasn't Joel been picked up by a club?" Knowing that that is quite simply the nature of the game, his work ethic has never once wained. A consistent picture of total focus, passion and dedication, Joel is the epitome of the perfect goalkeeper in the making. Always positive, yet justly grounded, Joel has finally been given the inevitable opportunity to join a professional club by Brentford FC after we recommended he attend their open trials. After qualifying through a series of rounds, Joel is now in to the final stage of the trials, where he has been selected to play against Brentford U21s.